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Despite its several years of existence, Facebook is still one of the most used social networks in the world, with over two thousand million active users. Its popularity is also (and especially) due to the ability shown in recent years not only to keep up with contemporary trends, but even to anticipate them. 

Not so long ago, even before the Covid-19 pandemic proved the importance of Facebook and the other social networks in the world’s financial and social system, the platform decided to expand its functionality with dedicated tools for businesses. 

As a result, online marketing had to revolutionize itself by including, and, often, focusing exclusively on the new virtual tools when elaborating different strategies. So, if you have a physical or online business, or if your ambition is to become an influencer, you have to consider these elements in your journey towards success. 

Popularity is the ultimate goal, the aspiration of all those who have a profile in social networks: popularity that allows you to have new business opportunities. Regardless of the existence of dozens of other platforms that have tried to dethrone it, Facebook is holding up very well thanks to these business-oriented tools. 

Is there any other alternative way to achieve the desired popularity without dedicating a lot of time and effort? Buy Facebook comments instantly. In this guide, we will explain why you should use this method to improve your account and how it could be beneficial for your online popularity. 


Can you buy comments on Facebook?

Users can interact with contents on Facebook using likes, which are now common in all social networks, and through comments. Compared to likes, comments are a more authentic interaction, somehow deeper, since they verbally express their feelings about your post. 

Also in terms of engagement, a like takes barely a few seconds, it is almost a mechanical and automatic action, while writing a comment is about formulating a sentence, an expression, a reaction in words. Hence, comments certainly have bigger importance compared to likes: they demonstrate that the appreciation is so strong it has to be expressed. 

However, with over two thousand million daily active users, getting your content to stand out and get many people to comment on it is much more complicated than expected. This is partly due to too much competition, which leads users to create more and more material (we often talk about content over-saturation in social networks), creating confusion and disorientation in users’ minds. 

On the other hand, Facebook’s algorithm is responsible for such difficulties. Over the years it has been extensively modified, and maybe it will be modified again in the future, but currently it seems to prefer those publications that manage to collect a large number of likes and comments just after their publication on the social network. 

It is no longer about the intensity and the quantity of the content that determines an account’s success, but simply about the reactions it provokes in the audience. This is a natural process of human psychology, which tends to trust other people’s impressions more than a company’s words. 

In social networks, this attitude is even more obvious than in real life: when a user manages to achieve a certain engagement rate, he or she becomes a real social phenomenon, and everyone wants to interact with him or her (directly or indirectly), increasing his or her popularity even further. 

It takes only a few seconds to comment a post on Facebook: the dedicated button appears just below the post. Of course, this is a free and totally open process. But, for those who cannot achieve the necessary engagement to make their content stand out, there is another solution that can be extremely useful: buying Facebook comments. 

Contrary to what many people might believe, it is possible to buy Facebook custom comments and in most cases it is a completely legal and safe purchase. The very fact that it is possible to give Facebook’s algorithm such an encouragement makes this strategy worthy of note. 

Obviously, it is possible to achieve the same results by simply improving your profile. However, trying to reach popularity without using our Facebook comments packages requires at least several months, a lot of effort, and a lot of creativity. 

You may not have these resources, or you may simply want to achieve the final result without risking to waste your money and time on a strategy that does not work. Buying comments likes on Facebook is a clever solution to all these needs. 

Online you can find many companies that offer the possibility of purchasing this type of service. We’ve been operating in the social network industry for several years now and can guarantee highest quality, efficiency and affordable services compared to the market average. 

How to buy Facebook comments

Obviously, you must have a Facebook account in order to buy Facebook post likes and comments. Whether you want to become an influencer, or you are an entrepreneur or the media specialist of a company, we recommend you to create a business page. 

As a matter of fact, having a business profile allows more freedom both in creation and in statistics analysis tools offered by Facebook. Private profiles are perfect, as the name suggests, for private life. 

Not everyone knows that there is a limit to the number of friends a person can have within the platform: it is only five thousand. Obviously for a normal account this is a reasonable number, but for a business page this means that only a maximum of five thousand people will be able to have access to the content and interact with it. This is a very limiting perspective, especially when we consider Facebook’s potential, which goes far beyond this kind of configuration. 

That is why we recommend that you open a business page attached to your private profile: you won’t have all those limitations, and users will be able to freely access all your content. We remind you, in case you didn’t already know, that opening a business page on Facebook is completely free. 

Secondly, another requirement for buying Facebook likes and comments is to have at least one published post within the profile. This can be a video, a simple post where you present your company, or an image of a flyer for an upcoming grand opening: whatever it is, it must be presented in public mode. 

Setting the privacy setting in public mode allows a lot of people to see your content, and in the mean time allows us to deliver the purchased comments. Once you’ve done all these steps, all you have to do is choose the company to buy Facebook post comments from. 

There are many companies online offering Facebook comments: all  thanks to the platform’s huge success and the constant demand for this type of service. However, not all of them, are reliable: most of the time these services hide scams and schemes. 

This means that it is extremely important to make a careful analysis of all the alternatives on the market, and then choose the most reliable one. In this regard, we constantly try to improve our security systems, deepening and updating them as much as possible, to protect our customers from possible web threats. 

In addition, as a company policy, we don’t ask you for your Facebook account’s password as many other companies actually do. In our opinion, not only this is a violation of privacy, but it could also put your profile at risk: the password could fall into the wrong hands, or it could be stolen from our systems. 

However, we guarantee you a service of the highest quality and excellent performance, and also total protection of your privacy and your account. On our site you will find different types of Facebook comment packages to choose from. 

We have tried to diversify the offer as much as possible in order to satisfy everyone’s needs: from the smallest packages to the most complete solutions, suitable for those who have really big marketing goals. 

Once you have chosen the package you want, simply fill in the form that we provide: we will ask you for your name, surname, e-mail address (all useful information to conclude the purchase) and also the Facebook post link whose comments you want to grow. 

To conclude, you will have to confirm the payment using one of the proposed methods (credit card or PayPal) and wait for our order confirmation email. From now on, our system will automatically unlock the package, sending you the first Facebook comments. 


Buy USA Facebook comments

Just think of the new working figures that are emerging in social networks to understand the huge advantages that a wide online popularity can bring to your business. For example, let’s think of Chiara Ferragni: she managed to build an economic empire by simply posting her own pictures in a blog. Briefly, Chiara Ferragni invented social networks even before these existed. 

Over time, this visionary attitude has allowed her to climb more and more the top of Facebook and Instagram, making her one of the most beloved women of Itay (and the whole world) and even an economic case studied at Harvard. 

But there are many other cases of brands or companies popularity  that have allowed simple entrepreneurs to cross national borders and take their products around the world. Just thinking about the extended reach of Facebook (two thousand million users) you really understand the importance of this tool within a marketing strategy. 

In the past, in order to get even infinitely smaller results, it was necessary to invest huge amounts of money. No one ever imagened that through the Internet, a completely free platform, you would have the chance to reach the whole world. 

Nowadays, if you know how to exploit Facebook well, half the work is already done. Unfortunately, as we have already seen, it is not enough to publish quality content, with a certain frequency. To improve your profile, you first need to create engagement. 

This word actually explains a very simple concept: involvement. People online are looking for useful, interesting content they can relate to. They want to get involved. 

There are many strategies that aim to increase the engagement rate on Facebook, from the most basic (like starting to follow many pages and interact with many people) to the most sophisticated (such as targeted ads, or customized marketing in private messages). 

Listening to these names, you can understand that very often these strategies are complicated and require skills that go far beyond basic marketing. There are real degree programs that teach students how to make the most of social networks to increase the turnover of companies. 

Thus, applying these strategies individually could be fruitful as potentially destructive, especially because they are very complex and even a simple mistake could compromise the entire path. That’s why buying comments Facebook saves valuable time and resources, directly reaching the result that normal people achieve in many months. 

Instead of paying a communications agency to take care of your profile, you will pay directly for the result. Not only that, seeing a large number of comments, people will be tempted to look at your content and see why it’s so popular, but it will also create a kind of chain effect where users will share your content with other users, and they will do the same, and so on. 

Once you reach fame on Facebook, it is much easier for all the other content to stand out immediately after publication, finally following that algorithm that you feared before. This strategy is the so-called drive for success you need to get out of the shadows. If you need more information, feel free to contact us! 


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