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Facebook is the first social network ever to land on the Internet. It was still the early 2000s, and no one ever expected such a revolution in socializing and lifestyle. Social networks have become fundamental for our lives, but also for our work and the world’s economy. 

Facebook founder, now multi-billionaire Mark Zuckerberg, never would have imagined such involvement when he developed an application dedicated to university students. Yet the change was immediate and totalizing right from the start. 

In slightly more than a year, the platform had already gathered millions of users worldwide, and that number was destined to multiply to almost half a billion of people. After Facebook‘s appearance, many other social networks have tried to take over that throne, but the truth is that this platform knows how to defend its leadership cleverly. 

A skill that mostly relies on the ability to keep up with times, if not to anticipate them, to change and renew itself. Precisely for this purpose, a few years ago Facebook implemented several features for companies and online businesses. 

Even before the Pandemic, which highlighted the importance of Internet in our economy, Facebook understood that this active daily audience could be a fundamental resource for marketing. Marketing that, now, is simpler and cheaper than ever – and obviously more effective too. 

Can you buy shares of Facebook?

As well as likes (or reactions) and comments, users within the platform have the ability to share content that particularly impressed them, so as to show it to all their friends. Clearly this is a really important action in the psychological attitude that users assume when they view a content. What does it mean? 

When you don’t have an object or a certain reality in front of you, you can’t touch it and you can’t verify its quality. What I think relies on what other people think. This means that in order to judge the level of a content on Facebook, users mainly use others’ impressions. 

This is actually an inborn process in human psychology, which can be observed in everyday life: between a pizzeria crowded with people and another pizzeria with empty tables, people are probably more inclined to choose the crowded one. 

Not only because if so many people have chosen it, then there must be a reason, but also because the desire to conform to current trends is very strong. No one would want to be left behind, no one would want to feel left out of something that causes so much hype. 

This mechanism is fundamental for social networks. Once you understand how it works, you can see clearly how to use these tools in your marketing strategy. It all seems so easy from here, though: you just need to get a large number of Facebook shares to gain notoriety and make sure to increase it over time. 

Not exactly. Perhaps in the past this theory was correct, but there are a few things that need to be clarified. Nowadays, however, the competitiveness within social networks is so fierce that just managing to get out of oblivion is, for most people, a huge challenge. 

It is not enough to publish quality content, or being consistent in publications and always looking for original ideas and interesting topics. It is not enough because in order to select such a large amount of material, Facebook’s algorithm has been reshaped ad hoc to give more relevance to those contents that, immediately after their publication, have proven to receive the appreciation of the audience. 

In other words, if a post gets a lot of Facebook likes and comments right away, it will be shown in the news section of the platform. If, on the other hand, it struggles to get going, it will most likely remain in the shadows forever and won’t even be shared by other users. 

It’s a pretty cruel mechanism, it’s true, but then again, it wouldn’t be possible to do otherwise. That’s why more and more companies are looking for alternative strategies to achieve their marketing goals, bypassing the cruelty of the Facebook algorithm. 

One of the most used strategies is, of course, buying shares in Facebook. Not only is it possible to buy this type of service online, from specialized companies like ours, but it is also (most of the time) a safe and completely legal procedure. So yes, it is possible to buy shares of Facebook. 

However, the platform has very strict rules that govern this type of activity: after so many years, Facebook has been able to implement in its algorithm also a detector of fake shares or other types of similar services. 

When this kind of behavior is detected, the account could be temporarily suspended, or even permanently blocked if it is repeated. That’s why it is essential, as we will discuss later, to use quality services that prove to have the skills and knowledge to avoid such a consequence. 

How to buy Facebook shares

Do not worry: buying Facebook shares is very similar, in terms of procedure and payment methods, to any other purchase made online. In particular, we intentionally decided to design our website in a simple and basic style, so that everyone can use it without problems regardless of their level of computer knowledge. 

It may seem a very simple decision, driven by market needs, but we firmly believe that the customer should have the leading role in the process of buying and selling a given service. 

We decided to study all of our custom Facebook sharing packages doing extensive research on what the main needs of entrepreneurs and influencers who want to conquer social networks are. Choosing us it would be a no brainer. But we’re not jealous at all! 

In case our offer does not satisfy you, or you would like to analyze other services, we recommend you to always check the security that these services can offer you. Choosing the company should be the most time-consuming and complex step of the purchasing process. Why? 

As we’ve already expressed in other guides, relying on the wrong company could even be devastating for your business and your entire marketing activity. In fact, there are services that not only don’t keep the promises made in the purchase phase, making you waste all your money, but even scammers who sell your personal data to hackers and thieves. 

If you believe that a company’s website is not too clear about its privacy and customer security policies, don’t hesitate to contact their customer service. A serious company will be able to answer your doubts without any problem; if not, you can breathe a sigh of relief since you haven’t fallen into a trap. 

Obviously, in order to buy targeted Facebook shares, you must have published at least one post within your profile: it will be that post, in fact, that will be shared by other users. In addition, we remind you that the profile (or Facebook page) must be visible to anyone, meaning that the privacy setting must be in public mode. 

Otherwise, not only the purchased shares won’t be credited in your publications, but it will also be difficult to engage new users within the platform. Especially for businesses, the public profile could be a huge obstacle – most users just want to take a look. 

You will have to choose the Facebook shares package that best suits your needs: we have several available packages, so we can satisfy every need and every budget. If you still need to adjust your marketing strategy, we recommend you to start with smaller packages to test the initial reactions of your audience to your content. 

On the other hand, if you already have a profile but is struggling to achieve popularity, you can choose deeper solutions. Once you have chosen the Facebook shares package, we will guide you to the conclusion of the purchase. 

Remember that in order to get the shares, we will need a link to your Facebook post: you can easily find it in the sharing options of the post itself. We remind you that your personal data will not be used for any purpose other than commercial use. 

At last, complete the payment with the method you prefer: credit card or bank transfer. 

Buy USA Facebook shares: advantages

Facebook is used by most diverse companies around the world, not only to promote their products and services, but also to create brand awareness. As we have already specified in the previous paragraphs, Facebook shares can be an essential resource to create a quality word of mouth around your image. 

A small number of shares might suggest to people that your business is not worthy enough of attention, or that your reputation is not as solid as you want them to believe. Right now, a company that has a Facebook profile but with a low rate of engagemnet is considered less important than a company that doesn’t have a social profile. 

This is because the virtual society that we have created with the Internet and all these platforms, consolidated even more thanks to the pandemic, tends to focus everything around success and fame. Buying shares of Facebook can bring you a lot of benefits, increasing both finantial and social importance of your company. 

Although Facebook at te beginning was used as a meeting place for friends and family, over time the platform has expanded its marketing and branding potential. It is precisely for this reason that today we can separate Facebook operation into two large groups of users: on one hand there are personal profiles and on the other, all corporate profiles. 

Undoubtfully, even though these two groups use the platform for two different purposes, there is still a common need which is the creation of interesting and original content to attract attention and somehow improve their social level. 

Regardless of the type of the published content, the amount and quality of shares that this same content receives makes its ranking higher. You may ask yourself: but can’t I get Facebook shares naturally and for free? 

Of course it is possible; thanks to many social media marketing strategies that entrepreneurs and communication agencies use every day. These methods, however, not only need you to work hard and devote time and effort to the process, but if they are not carried out by professionals in the business, you don’t have the certainty the achievement of the desired results. 

This means that you could spend weeks improving a communication strategy that doesn’t actually work, without getting any kind of result. As we have already explained, it is not about  commitment or quality, but about complying with the algorithm. 

If you buy real Facebook shares, instead, you can save all that precious time and dedicate it to other activities, while still having the certainty of getting a concrete result. In other words, instead of paying a marketing agency, you will pay directly to get the desired popularity. 

If you use Facebook for commercial purposes or you are a prominent personality of any artistic field (music, cinema, television) and you are searching for a way to give a little boost to your image and notoriety on this social network, then buying shares on Facebook is the best solution for you. 

As a matter of fact, this way your page will gain a greater popularity, which will probably lead to a higher rate of engagement and the acquisition of new customers. With a higher involvement, it will also be easier to increase more and more the achieved notoriety: in fact, you will create the dynamics of word of mouth and spontaneous sharing of your content by users that will make you have, more and more, a greater audience. 

One thing comes to another: so from many shares come more shares. In case you need more detailed information, you can contact our customer service via email, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. 


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