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Facebook is one of the leading social networks in the world: it was also the first one to appear online in 2004, as a simple platform meant to bring together university students. 

Yet only a year after its founding, Facebook already had millions of subscribers; it had a rapid growth, but more than justified, since it started a real economic field that revolves all around social networks and their features. 

Nowadays, having a Facebook profile is a priority for everyone: with a single click you can reach people on the other side of the planet, catch up with friends and relatives thousands of miles away and even make new connections that cross national borders. 

Specifically, because Facebook’s algorithm rewards those contents that are already quite popular after their publication. So basically, if you can’t stand out from the very beginning, it is very difficult for you to change this miserable condition. 

So what’s the solution? Most importantly, how to get more Facebook views for your posted videos? Easy: keep reading this guide and we will explain why you should buy Facebook live views, and how this strategy could help you. 

What are views on Facebook?

When we think of Facebook, we mainly think of likes, or friendships-these are the two main interactions that people hold within the platform. However, all marketing experts know that reducing the users’ dynamics to such a limited picture means to underestimate the platform itself. 

Facebook has an infinite number of shades and variations that are very often ignored, but are a fundamental part of how it really works. Specifically, when you post a video, whether to your business page or your personal account, the first performance indicator below is not likes, but views. 

This is because, according to Facebook, it is much more significant to show how many people have actually viewed the video, rather than how many have liked it (usually the latter number is lower than the former). Facebook views, then, are the number of users who viewed your content within the platform. 

Remember, when we talk about the number of users, we are not referring to the number of views of a single user: if you decided to watch a specific video eight times, you would still give just one single Facebook view. It is the users that count, not the number of plays. 

Facebook views are much more important than likes when it comes to videos, as they are the ones that play the most important role within the algorithm, which decides whether or not to show your video in other users’ homepages, or even show it to new people among the suggested content. 

Facebook videos are much more useful than you might think: to present a new product, to raise awareness of your work, or even just to talk about yourself differently. 

Can you buy views on Facebook?

You get Facebook views completely for free: by simply posting a video within the platform and waiting for other users to leave reactions to it. However, as we have already seen, there are over two thousand million users on Facebook every day: imagine that even a small part of them decides to publish posts, and draw your conclusions. 

Every minute a huge amount of material is shared on Facebook, all kinds of material: videos, posts, pictures, advertisements, and so on. How can you possibly shine in the middle of all this content if the algorithm doesn’t notice you and valorize you from the beginning? 

What can you do to make your video popular and make sure a lot of people can see it, even beyond your borders? Very often, all you have to do is to buy Facebook views live: you should not think of it as the ultimate solution, but simply as a boost to help your profile gain the popularity you desire. 

Buying views on Facebook is possible, and actually many companies offer the opportunity to use this kind of services: companies like us. However, just because it is possible, does not mean that it is safe, or that it should be taken lightly: often behind promises of easy success for very little money lie scammers ready to exploit the fish that fall into the trap. 

Buying Facebook views allows you to get those results that you can not achieve by yourself: many people believe that these purchases are illegal, or see these companies like the “criminals” of the platform, but in reality we try to follow all the guidelines and not endanger profiles. 

Of course, for more information, you can always contact the our customer service by email, and we will be happy to answer all your questions. 


How to buy Facebook views?

First you will need to post a video in your company page, if you have not posted one in the past. In any case, we advise you to buy views Facebook packages, as well as all other packages for social networks, as soon as you publish a content, in order to influence immediately the algorithm which will have to make your publication stand out within the platform. 

To post a video just go to the Facebook homepage, where you will find all the buttons you need to upload files and contents on your profile. Remember that to get a good result, the video will have to be a high quality video: you have to forget the grainy videos shot with a 2010 phone, as well as long videos. 

Nowadays, we can do everything with our phone: a really high quality video. There are plenty of free apps in the App Store that allow you to edit videos and make them more interesting: not only apps for editing videos, but also apps with color filters for your pictures, in case it was taken with a bad light. 

Once you’ve posted your video, you’ll need to choose the package that best suits your needs. We always try to diversify our packages for Facebook views, because different customers have different needs, and we want to satisfy everyone. 

The smaller packages are dedicated to those who do not need huge  interventions in their page, or who do not want to invest too much money, while the larger solutions are perfect for really high marketing goals. Once you’ve chosen the right package for your Facebook profile, add it to your cart. 

You can also buy other different packages to improve even more  your account: we offer Facebook likes, Facebook comments, YouTube views, Tik Tok views, and much more. To confirm your purchase, you will need to give us some of your personal data, such as your name, your surname and your e-mail address. 

As for payment methods, we currently accept credit cards, bank transfer and PayPal. Depending on the used method, the order confirmation may delay a bit, because, for example, bank transfers convert the currency the next day. 

In any case, you just wait for our order confirmation email, and after that you will get your Facebook video views. Obviously the video must to be set in public mode, to allow the views to arrive, and you will not have to change this setting until the end of the package delivery. 


Buy views on Facebook video: advantages

Right now being popular on social networks is a must for most people, even for those who are too modest to admit it. Influencers are considered to be real stars, international celebrities, and their job most of the time is to show themselves and be able to tell their stories. 

Let’s think of Chiara Ferragni: she is the most striking and perfect example of social media marketing in Italy. Out of nowhere she managed to create an economic empire, which revolves around her image, so much so that her case has even become a study at the American University of Harvard. 

Social networks condition our lives every day, even more during the pandemic, where our relationships are mostly virtual. 

So, being famous online means being famous in real life: if you can drive Facebook users’ traffic to other pages or accounts, both social and physical, then you will have the power. 

First of all, buying Facebook live views means sending an important signal to the algorithm: it will think that your content is interesting and deserves to be watched. In this way, more and more people will see the video, even the ones you didn’t buy. all of this will establish a word-of-mouth effect that will multiply, from click to click. 

So, you will become more and more popular, and users will be positively impressed with your content. Why? Because if they see that many other people have already appreciated it, then they automatically believe that it is worthy, and they want to be a part of your success too. 

Being popular on Facebook means having a powerful marketing tool in your hands: for companies, this means increasing their online credibility, the solidity of the corporate image inside and outside social networks, but above all attracting new customers. 

According to that word-of-mouth effect we talked about earlier, if ever more people see your content, you’ll probably find someone interested in what you have to say or sell: this means that if you’re convincing enough, you can turn him into a client. 

On the other hand, for influencers, or would-be influencers, it means broadening their horizons by reaching new people and increase your followers: more followers you will have, more companies will contact you for collaborations and contracts, to get sponsored by you and to ask your opinions about their business. 

I mean, buying Facebook views has a lot of advantages, and I’m not done yet. Under normal conditions, so without adopting this strategy to get Facebook views, achieving important results means putting a lot of effort and a lot of time to the process. 

With a lot of effort and a lot of time we really mean a lot of hours of your day dedicated to contact new users in social networks, to explain your company’s mission, to create perfect content and so on. Instead, buying views for Facebook allows you to reach your goals in no time, allowing you to invest your resources in other more important areas. 

Why You Should Choose Us to Buy Facebook Views live

Yes, it’s true, buying Facebook views can help your account grow permanently and exponentially, but why should you choose us for such an important task? There are so many companies online and most of them probably offer much more advantageous sales compared to ours. 

We are fully aware of this. However, we know for sure that behind most of these companies lie scams and schemes, so we are proud to distinguish ourselves from those realities. Our top priority is and will always be your satisfaction, your popularity and keeping your social profiles safe. 

We will never ask you to give us sensitive personal data such as  your profiles’ password, because we know that could put your life’s work at risk. If you encounter any problems, we also provide a super efficient customer service via email, which will answer your questions and will immediately solve your problems. 

In addition, we also guarantee a really high speed: all our Facebook viewing packages are delivered within 48 hours. Basically, in two days you could see your Facebook profile completely changed. 

Last but not least, the price: after careful market analysis we decided to stick to the averages, although it is more difficult for us to see the profits, since we offer a high quality service compared to others. Yet we want to try to satisfy you in every way, to allow you to buy Facebook views with no stress. 

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