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 If you want to improve your Instagram profile stats for your marketing campaigns or to spread your content even more, then we recommend buying Instagram impressions. What is the difference between Instagram impressions and reaches? 

Once you open the statistics of a post or an ad, you’ll see two words in bold: impressions and reaches. Instagram impressions track the total number of times your ad or content has appeared on users’ screens. 

On the other hand, reaches represent the total number of users who have viewed the content. Obviously, Instagram reaches will always be lower than impressions, since they refer to individual viewers of your post or your ad. 

A single user can generate multiple impressions by viewing the content over and over again, but it will always be a single reach. So, reaches can be exactly equal to impressions, but can never be higher. Many people forget to use statistics to plan or modify their future activity within the social network. 

However, analyzing statistics is crucial to understand the real engagement of the viewers with that content. And it is precisely for this reason that companies, as well as aspiring influencers, pay such close attention to tracking these values: they are the real key to success. 

As a matter of fact, thanks to Instagram Insights you can accurately evaluate whether a content is being viewed and the level of engagement rate from the audience. This is the best place where you can buy Instagram impressions, since we aim to offer a high quality service while keeping prices below average. 

You can buy Instagram impressions to get real users to view your content. If your content is interesting enough to catch the users’ attention, they might even decide to follow you, leave a comment, put likes and so on. 

Can you buy Instagram impressions ?

Yes, you can. Clearly, you can easily get Instagram impressions totally for free from your posted content on your profile and from attracting followers to see it. You can even increase impressions with other commonly used strategies. 

But the most important reason why you should buy impression for Instagram is that it is a safe and legal process, and it could generate you numerous profits. Nowadays, business accounts, whether they belong to brands or influencers, cannot avoid using these techniques to increase their profile statistics and get more people to follow them. 

If an Instagram account has a high number of impressions it means that it is an interesting account, but also popular within the social network. And, you know what they say, popularity always calls for more popularity. It’s all about perception, so buying Instagram impressions helps increasing your social credibility, both in social media and in the Internet world in general. 

Why not buying Instagram reaches, then? Actually, both of these two stats are important in reporting a brand’s success. Usually their analysis is combined with other metrics’ analysis, such as the engagement rate, the number of clicks within the page, the number of likes, a post’s sharing and so on. 

So, focusing on providing clear and comprehensive data regarding your social media marketing results, it is important to consider both Instagram impressions and reaches. Which one to buy is up to you, as the choice depends exclusively on your goals. In order to succeed and affirm your social media visibility, and to increase the influence of your social activities in your customers (or followers) lives, you must first establish a set of desired goals. 

If you aim to reach new customers and expand your customer base, then you must buy Instagram reaches for a better and more accurate measure of your success. On the other hand, if you want to nourish your current followers and reach new ones at the same time, then buying Instagram impressions is probably the most effective option. 

Buy Instagram impressions with the aim of reaching a smaller number of single visitors, but getting a much higher engagement rate at the same time. 

How to buy impressions on Instagram

Buying Instagram impressions is much easier than you might think: the process is the same as making a simple purchase on Amazon. We offer an easy to use service, but most importantly, safe for users. 

And the best thing is that we offer this service for all other social media contents, so you’ll be spoilt for choice. As a company policy, we’ve decided to never ask you for your Instagram account password, although we’re aware that many other companies do. 

The reason behind this decision is that we always put our customers first: disclosing your password could mean exposing your profile to the risk of theft or hacker attacks. In addition, you may lose trust in us. For this reason, your privacy and security will always be put first, and protected just as if they were ours. 

You won’t have to fill in any tricky forms or waste your time during the buying process. All you’ll have to do is follow these super easy steps we’ve summarized for you. First of all, if you want to buy Instagram impressions, you’ll have to set your account to public mode, if it isn’t already public.  

This is because private accounts (besides being extremely limitative for a brand or influencer), can only and exclusively be viewed by the profiles whose request they have already accepted. Therefore, it would be impossible to expose your content to other users, since they could not see it without following you. 

And just sending the request and waiting for it to be approved could annoy and dissuade many users: we strongly discourage this option, if you want your social media marketing to be successful. To set your account in public mode, just go to the account settings, then Privacy and finally set the public mode. 

Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to decide which post you want to increase your Instagram impressions. It should be a particularly meaningful post, one that gives an in-depth overview of what your world and business philosophy is all about. In other words, don’t just pick any post, but the one that – in your opinion – best represents you and your brand. 

To copy an Instagram post’s URL, just click on the three-dot menu that appears at the top right of the post: among the different sharing options, you’ll also find Copy Link. And that’s exactly the option you’ll need. Copy and paste the URL into the form that we will provide during the purchase of the package. 

Attention: we recommend that you check at least twice that it has been pasted without errors, since they could compromise the correct delivery of the purchased package. 

Choose the Instagram impression package that best suits your needs: especially if you’re new to the business, we recommend starting with a fairly basic solution, both to test our performance and to give you time to improve your marketing strategy and, if necessary, adjust your focus. 

In order to make the purchase, in the next steps you will be asked to enter your personal information, such as name, surname and e-mail address. Afterwards, you’ll the payment window: you will be able to use your preferred payment online methods, such as your credit cards or PayPal. Complete the payment process according to the method you have chosen and wait for it to be approved by our systems. 

Only once the payment is confirmed, the package will be activated automatically. At this point, you won’t have to do anything but enjoy the arrival of the desired results, just a few hours after purchasing the package. The Instagram impressions you buy will be delivered in the shortest possible time. 

For any problem, need or doubt, remember that in every package you can find our customer service, available 24/7, always willing to solve your doubts. As we have already said,we don’t need to have access to your Instagram profile in order to deliver the selected package. 

This means that you will be able to protect your account by not giving out the access password. Another positive feature of buying Instagram impressions is that they won’t disappear or decrease over time. A user, in fact, cannot delete his or her view of a certain content. 

However, even if something similar happens, we will be ready to reward you with the lost impressions. We’d also like to point out that none of our user ever got blocked (temporarily or permanently) from the app for buying Instagram impressions. 

Anyway, this is a strategy that does not harm anyone, but we always recommend to take a careful and moderate attitude at the beginning. Buying Instagram impressions is a safe and secure activity: our website has security systems that are always updated to guarantee you the best experience ever. 

Buy impressions Instagram: advantages

Obviously, you must know the actual reason why you should buy Instagram impressions. To be honest, there are usually only two types of people who are interested in buying Instagram impressions for their accounts. 

One of them includes all those people who want to improve their Instagram account with the purpose of expanding their business, while the other category sees the deployment of all those Instagram users who buy impressions to increase their popularity and get new business collaborations. 

You can buy Instagram impressions to grow your online business quickly and safely, and as we’ve already witnessed, this activity (if you know how to make the most of it, regularly posting quality and original content) could even lead to an increase of your followers. 

If you don’t want to improve people’s individual engagement with your content, then this type of statistic may not be the best for your business. It’s not a secret that buying Instagram impressions could give your account the boost it needed to increase the visibility of, both your account and your posts. In addition, your brand credibility will become stronger and you’ll be able to promote your products much better. 

A sort of chain effect will be created, and will affect almost all the areas of your online business, since once a profile manages to reach the much sought-after success, the algorithm rewards it and spreads it even more, continuing to increase the numbers. 

Buying Instagram impressions from us, it will give you the chance to increase the engagement rate of your content. You will start collecting more relevant followers who most likely could convert into potential buyers. There are numerous services, as we have already mentioned, dedicated to buying Instagram packages: you can buy Instagram impressions, buy Instagram likes, or buy Instagram profile views. 

Obviously, the choice of one of these services is up to you, based on the marketing goals you want to achieve in the short and long term. As for the fastest way to get consistent results all around, the answer is clearly the combination of more than one of these services: this means a deeper intervention in your Instagram profile. 

It’s an investment that will pay back all the money spent initially; however we understand that it may not be easy for a young digital entrepreneur to jump in with both feet. We are always happy to answer your questions and give you the best advice depending on your situation. 

So, have you made up your mind to buy Instagram impressions? This would be a really smart choice, since Instagram was considered as the most profitable social network last year. At the moment, with its millions and millions of users, the platform doesn’t fear competition . 

Buying Instagram impressions is definitely the best choice if you want to to keep up with times, get more visibility and reinforce your online presence. If you want your online business to take off, or improve, Instagram is undoubtedly the best platform to start with. 

In order for it to become a revenue and income source, your profile needs to have tempting statistics. This is exactly why buying Instagram impressions could even change your life. 

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