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Most celebrities, bloggers, companies and influencers around the world use Instagram to interact with their audience. They often use the Instagram Story Poll ( Instagram poll) feature to find out the narrative of several popular questions or simply to seek a direct feedback from their audience. 

To do so, they create a survey on the Instagram story and track the results. However, sometimes these engagement tactics don’t work as most people choose to ignore the polls. As a result, the profile itself will have a low engagement rate. 

Since profiles are ranked according to their popularity, getting attention, interactions and participation from the audience, becomes very difficult. This is why most people decide to buy votes in the Instagram story poll. This is how a profiles’ popularity increases and attracts further interest for those who visit it. 

How to buy votes on Instagram?

For all newbies, knowing how to create a poll on Instagram stories is essential. It is an Instagram feature available only in the stories. So, it is necessary to create one. Listed below you can find the steps on how to create a poll for Instagram stories. 

Create a story  

To create a story poll, you can take a picture or have a text in the background. You can add any filter, emoji or text into the story. 

Add the poll

To add your poll, you need to go to the stickers button and select the poll option. You need to type in the text or question that you want to ask the audience. You need to be as innovative as possible. After you have done that, you can edit the Yes or No option on whatever option you want to edit. When you’re done, you can place your poll, large or small, anywhere on the story screen. 

Share your story on Instagram

When your story is ready, it’s time to share it. When people scroll through their Instagram accounts, they’ll see your story and vote. You can track all of people’s feedback and the total number of votes you get in your poll. 

Buy Instagram story poll votes: advantages

Increasing your followers on Instagram isn’t as easy as it sounds, unless you’re a super, over-the-top celebrity. So much hard work, commitment, time and money behind the success of these people. Everything is needed when you want to attract audience. 

There are many conventional methods of gathering support and opinion from followers but it is definitely not the fastest way to grow. Often when you decide to launch yours or your brand’s image, you have no choice but to buy poll votes on online Instagram stories to get a definitive narrative. 

In order to look natural and authentic, most bloggers also post the result of their polls on their stories to show people how successful their poll questions can be. The perfect place where you can get your Instagram votes and likes safely and securely is through a website that provides a serious and authentic service. 

The idea behind buying votes for Instagram polls is not new. Many people have already done it, and this is one of the reasons of their success. In addition to asking questions to their audience and colleagues, they improve their stories by buying  artificial votes. Listed below you’ll find some of the reasons why buying poll votes is one of the best investments you could make to grow fast. 

Why are polls on Instagram stories an effective way to gather information?

Most companies or bloggers create polls on Instagram stories so that they can do market research and know people’s opinions on a particular product or topic. They are also a great move for people who are trying to take their stories to the next level and interact with the audience, becoming a professional blogger or influencer.  

The most common way to increase poll ratings on Instagram stories is to be as creative as possible with story post entries. This can also be done using trivia questions, emoji battles, promoting new product releases, or simply asking them what they want to see next. 

The more you create content that people want to see, the better your chances of increasing poll ratings. However, this is not always the reality. Sometimes, people buy online poll votes. 

Choosing the best site to buy votes on Instagram poll

Choosing the best poll vote buying service should be done carefully. Below we have listed some of the features and requirements that an online provider should have to ensure effective results. 

24/7 Customer service

Customer service is the key to any effective business. If the provider you buy from has great customer service, you can get more votes and earn a good reputation. This is what you should look for when searching for a site that sells Instagram poll votes. It needs to have an exceptional and reliable customer service system offered to everyone 24/7. Whether it is an inquiry or instructions regarding the service provided, you must be able to easily contact the customer service representative who is working diligently to help you. 

Is your anonymity guaranteed?  

The distinctive feature of reliable vote selling services is anonymity. Most of their job is to ensure that their client remains as anonymous as possible because a loss of anonymity could also lead to their disqualification from the competition. They protect their clients and always ensure them safety and anonymity. 

Are they safe?

When they are committed, they’re not satisfied with small numbers. They make sure the job gets done in a few minutes, quickley and correctly, rather than having to wait for people to vote for you. They work quickly with excellent results. 

Work experience with positive reviews

The sites that offer more competitive poll sales services have been in the industry for a few years. They are a well-qualified entity when it comes to acquiring votes for you. Their experience demostrates that their services cover all the client’s needs and they show great skills. 

The more satisfied customers, the better

It’s not a surprise that the best sites selling Instagram votes have great original reviews left by customers who are satisfied with their purchase. Their skill and status clear the way for them. So, it can be assumed that they are the best in the buying Instagram votes  business. 

Regular packages and online packages contest

There are very flexible platforms that offer unique packages to allow people to buy online votes on Instagram Story Poll. Their votes are cast from individual IP addresses around the world with a 100% secure payment option, high quality votes and likes, and even a better service. 

In addition, they may also offer an amount of free votes so you can evaluate them and be certain of the assistance you are about to employ. You can also contact their manager thanks to a pop-up chat that offers instant technical support for any questions you may have. 

How to buy votes for Instagram polls

Buying poll votes process relies on a proven system. You get votes from distinctive IP addresses around the world. They are authentic and purchased from real customers who are trying to sell their votes for money. The process is further divided into five main steps. Each step is extraordinary and different but equally crucial to accomplish. 

Place an order

The first thing you have to do is to place an order. To do so, you need to visit the website and usually click on Buy votes on its home page. It will direct you to the packages  web page where you will need to select the package that is right for you. You’ll have to fill in your information such as name, address, contest link and payment details. 

Complete the payment

After you’ve placed your order and entered your information, you’ll need to complete the payment. The faster you pay, the faster you will get your votes and likes. Major sites support most payment methods such as MasterCard, Visa and PayPal. 

Vote process 

Once the poll is started, the number of votes the order was intended for is available and the voting process for the competition begins. Distinctive IP addresses are collected and purchased from real people who are willing to sell their votes for money. The entire process is quick and completes the order in no time. Once the gathering is completed, it is used for voting targets and usually the service provider makes sure that there’s no evidence. The customer’s anonymity is guaranteed. 

Final result

Once the voting process is completed, you can see that your votes base has increased by the required number of votes. 

Some rules and procedures you should know before buying Instagram Story poll votes 

When you decide to approach services to buy votes for Instagram story poll, there are some rules, procedures and regulations that you need to follow and keep in mind. 

Always have a strategy 

Having a clear plan and strategy is always beneficial for participants because it clarifies their goals and expected outcome, how much money they will spend and how many votes are needed to secure them victory in the online competition. 

Always read the contest rules before purchase 

As mentioned earlier, having a wide knowledge and information of the do’s and don’ts is crucial when you choose to buy votes to win. Some contests strictly prohibit their contestants from obtaining votes through a variety of different ways. 

So, you have to be careful and not break any rules. Otherwise, if you are tracked, you will be disqualified. And sometimes, a large fine is imposed. It’s always better to avoid being identified and not include bystanders when buying votes online. The more you include people, the more eyewitnesses you’ll have. 

You must read carefully the terms and conditions of the service you choose 

When you place your request for votes, you should read the terms and conditions carefully so you know how the whole process works. Since they work on a pre-funded basis with no refund policy, if the buyer cancels the request, you need to make sure that you are ready to go all the way. Think about it and then make a final decision. 

Know when it’s time to stop 

Knowing when to stop is important when buying votes online. Just because you are buying votes, doesn’t mean there is a 100% victory. There is a high probability that the decision could go against your expectations. When that happens, you have to remember that it’s only a competition and there will be plenty of online contests to participate in. 

3 Instagram poll ideas you'll want to use

Social media isn’t just for engagement – it’s a powerful way to get feedback from your audience! Here are three ways to get more engagement and achieve your marketing goals. 

1. Polls with this or that? Questions

Some of the best Instagram poll questions for marketing research are masked as funny questions about this or that choice. You can post Instagram poll questions related to your niche or audience to find out what they’re most interested in. What do they like to read, buy and see in their lives! For example, a travel blogger might ask ” which country would you prefer to visit?” and have options like: 

  1. Cancun or Reykjavik 
  2. Airbnb or Hotel 
  3. Sea or Mountain 

This apparently innocent poll could help that travel blogger shape his next content and drive more traffic to his blog from Instagram! 

2. Products research with polls on Instagram stories 

If you’re on the fence about which product or service to pitch next, or want to learn more about your audience’s weaknesses, ask the question in an Instagram poll! If you don’t have enough space to explain your service ideas in 22 characters, here’s an easy solution. 

Change your poll answers to A and B and use Instagram’s Story text tool to explain each of your options. You can even create multiple story frames before posting your poll offering product mockup images or a video of you explaining each product! 

3. Use Instagram polls to make your website more appealing 

Poll questions for Instagram don’t always have to be about answering a question – they can also be a useful tool for getting more visibility on a web link! When creating your poll, ask a question that can only be answered after visiting a link. 

To create enough interest to visit that link, you’ll want your poll question to be a little mysterious and provocative! If you have more than 10,000 followers on Instagram or have a verified Instagram account, you can use the scroll up link in your Stories. Otherwise, direct your followers to your link in bio! 

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