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Are you ready to start building your brand’s positioning on Instagram? You’re probably aware that the secret to create the perfect business account for your online business is ensuring that your content increases organic engagement rates. Basically, it means creating posts that get likes, comments, and followers. 

However, to keep up with your competition, you also need to make sure your content encourages saving posts on Instagram. Saved posts inform the platform’s algorithm that users like your content and make it rank higher. Therefore, if you want to increase your positioning on Instagram, you need to focus on getting people to save your posts. 

What are Instagram post saves?

Instagram introduced its “saved posts” feature in 2017. In short, it’s a feature that allows your visitors to freeze your post in a separate list of “saved posts” by tapping on a bookmark icon that appears below your post. 

This list is personal to each user and curates the content the user chooses to save to view again later. An underrated and often ignored feature, Instagram Post Saves works quite similar to Pinterest’s personal pinboards. However, when you browse the “Saved” section of your profile, you can also organize your favorite posts into custom collections. In other words, you’re free to organize the content you save into categories and labels of your choosing. 

In other words, Instagram saves according to users who like to collect and reflect on ideas and images and aren’t on the platform just to follow friends and businesses. At first sight, it seems to benefit instagrammers who consume rather than instagrammers who sell. 

The main thing to notice here is that as a content creator, you don’t have access to the organizational model your viewers use for your posts. In other words, if you post a story about a cake and it is saved by Instagrammers, you can’t know whether they saved it as a “recipe,” “cake decorating idea,” or “photo of an awesome cake.” So, if you are not able to know how your content is saved as a creative specialist, why do you need to focus on creating savable posts? 

When saving was first introduced, you had no way of knowing if your post had been saved. Now, while you may not be able to control who exactly saved your post, you can still find out how many saves your post has earned and this count can be a determining factor in your brand’s success story on Instagram. 

Top reasons why your content strategy should focus on post saves on Instagram

Although Instagram Save is a not widely known feature of the social media platform, you can’t ignore its value. Whether you’re a B2B or B2C business, a large enterprise or a small online store, an established name in your field or new to business, creating savable posts could really help your marketing strategy on Instagram. Here are a few reasons why: 

1. Instagram’s algorithms promote post saves

In certain demographics, Instagram has already begun testing the removal of “likes” from success metrics calculations. In these new calculations, to increase visibility and measure engagement rates for content, “saves” are an important element. 

In other words: Instagram saves are a huge factor in ROI calculations. According to how Instagram’s algorithms work, the more your post is saved, the more visibility it gains on individual home feeds. The more your content is saved, the higher it rises in search results on Instagram’s Explore tab. 

Actually, it has been proofed how much saves can increase the visibility of content, to the point where many brands have repeatedly bought Instagram saves to tilt the platform’s algorithms in their favor and boost their impression. 

2.Instagram saves are a measure of your content’s quality 

Just as likes and shares do, saves send a powerful signal to Instagram’s algorithms, in favor of your Post’s quality. It’s currently one of seven key determinants of a post’s performance on the social media site. The faster your post collects saved data, the higher it climbs in Instagram’s engagement metrics. 

3. Instagram saves are a great strategy for creating long-term engagement rates on your content

If you consider the post from the consumer’s point of view, if someone saved your post, it means they want to: 

  1. Reread what you have written in the caption.
  2. Revisit your photo/video or content for a more detailed and enjoyable read;
  3. Use your content as a template to create its own;
  4. Start over with older posts as they please.

Doing any of these moves would bring visibility to the post and restart conversations about it since every time the user revisits it, your post will gather views. 

In other words, your audience saved your content because you were able to connect with them through it. A “like” only implies that your viewer saw your post and approved it. 

A “save” indicates not only that your audience liked the post, but they also found something that matched what they were really interested in. They found value in your content that they’d like to keep coming back to. For most brands trying to find real-time customers among their followers, this is an indicator of true engagement, which has the ability to bring conversions to their business. 

4. Thanks to Instagram Saves you can evaluate what kind of posts work for your audience

Yes, you can self evaluate your performance as a creative specialist by your saves on Instagram. Even if you don’t know what category or collection your posts are saved in, your business information lets you know how many times your post has been saved. 

If you check out the trends in your content, you’ll be able to analyze which type of post has the most saves. This will give you a fair indication of what kind of content you should create and in which format, so you can connect with your target audience the most. 

Instagram Insights also allows you to understand when your posts receive the most engagement and also the demographic reach of your posts. Using these coverage and impression metrics, you can plan your content strategy to bring maximum visibility and organically increase your engagement on the platform. Experiment with different types of content. 

Create stories, highlights, IGTV video or reels to spread awareness of your post. Interact with consumers and analyze what works better for you. If your posts can bring you leads and sales, as well as being saved for later, you’ve nailed your content creation strategy for Instagram. 

5. Saves on Instagram are a convenient way to promote your brand

You don’t need a huge budget to create savable posts. All you need is time and effort to decide the content you want to post. Whether you’re creating your posts yourself or hiring content specialists for the job, collaborating with influencers or allied companies, getting more saves should be on your micro-goals as you generate new content for your business profile. 

Keep in mind that what works for another profile may not work for you. At the same time, some recognizable characteristics are common to most savable posts. For example, several micro-blog brands use Instagram these days to add value to their content. 

This is because content that stimulates reflection and promotes discussion is saved more than posts that are only aesthetically attractive. Buyable post saves are also preferred among saveable content among users who purchase directly through Facebook or Instagram. Many users also find themselves saving infographic posts. Some posts are saved because of a trending topic, while others are saved because of their educational value, whether it’s a tutorial or a post about facts and figures. Others are saved because they are worth quoting and sharing. 

Think long-term when you plan your content creation. Ask yourself if the content will bring you more followers, more consumers and contributors, or will it be a temporal post that disappears from your audience’s feeds and memory as quickly as it appeared on their scrolling feeds. 

Try to create provoking captions, full of keywords for any content you create. Make sure you’re using relevant hashtags and call-to-actions. If your content has an evergreen touch, it will likely have more appeal and be saved by your audience. Be unique and sell yourself better by creating savable posts. Remember, you can simply increase your savable quotient by using a call to action that directly asks your audience to save your post! 


Is it possible to buy Instagram post saves?

All top influencers buy followers, likes and comments, even if they already have a good reputation and visibility on Instagram. It’s normal business management (yes, your account can also turn into a corporate account and therefore considered a business). 

You need to start believing that your profile can become a business and even something bigger for you and others. In order to stay at the top, you have to constantly invest in these legal practices not banned by Instagram. But there are also illegal practices that go against Instagram’s terms and regulations. 

It’s strickly forbidden to buy posts on Instagram, followers, comments and any other kind of reaction using bots. If the website where you’re buying Instagram post saves asks you for your profile password, bots are activated. 

This is an illegal activity! To respect Instagram’s legal trems and policy, I recommend serious services that don’t ask you for passwords but just your Instagram handle and a link to the post you want to be saved. 

For example, if you decide to purchase Instagram post saves with a basic package, all you need to do is enter your account link, a link to the post you want to be saved, and your prepaid card information for payment. That’s all! 

How to buy Instagram post saves

Imagine having an active Instagram profile with more than 1000 published posts and several followers (more than 3400), but the account is struggling to take off. Although the numbers are quite high, the relation between followers and published posts, comments and likes is out of proportion. In fact, the engagement rate is low. 

Yet, you’ve posted lots of high-quality photos, used trending hashtags, and the description is very well written! So, what’s the problem? 

You’re missing out one important thing that could help you a lot: buying saves of Instagram posts and more! Buying followers, reactions, and story views are common practices among all Instagramers, who now invest in this advertising tool. 

Whether you like it or not, to be successful on Instagram you need to buy followers and views. If you want to have a good social media marketing strategy on your Instagram profile, you need to start by buying saved posts on Instagram and then continue with buying followers, comments, likes and views. 

You can buy Instagram posts saves on different platforms, and you can choose the package that best suits your needs . Once you have placed your order, you will only have to wait a few minutes to see your Instagram account active. It would be best to buy both Instagram post saves and new post comments, as well as followers. A combined purchase of the two packages would help even more to increase the visibility of your Instagram post or profile. 

Even with a limited budget, you can see the notoriety of your Instagram profile grow . Remember that for a better performance of your posts, you should add a detailed and empathic description, use hashtags related to the post and share it at the best moment. Buying Instagram post saves is recommended by social media and Instagram experts; just make sure you do it in accordance with Instagram’s legislation, policies and regulations 

Buying Instagram post saves: advantages

With Instagram already testing the strategy of “hiding likes” in countries such as Australia, Brazil, Canada and Japan, Instagram saves are now a crucial metric for engagement calculations. The current experiment suggests that the importance of likes soon will be lower and may even disappear from engagement rate calculations. 

Hence, it is prudent to plan and focus on other factors that establish the overall engagement of your posts. This includes the number of saves you receive. Regardless of whether the experiment is going on in your country or not, and regardless Instagram’s final decision on likes, it’s worth making adjustments to your content creation strategy to increase savings. 

Although likes are maintained as a key element of Instagram’s algorithms, savable content can only be a good thing for your brand’s overall business. You have nothing to lose by dedicating yourself to Instagram saves as well. 

It’s a victory for you! Stay focused on your biggest goal: growing your online business in the best way possible and giving it the visibility it deserves.  


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