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Spotify is the most used platform for listening to all types of music, made by both established artists and new talents trying to make their way in this industry. Spotify includes almost every music track out there: it has never happened to anyone to search for a particular song and not find it! 

Precisely because of its enormous success, the competitiveness among the various artists on Spotify has become more ruthless than ever… and without a good base of monthly plays, the profile risks to automatically fall by the wayside. In this guide we will explain how to buy Spotify plays cheap and become a real superstar! 

Can you buy plays on Spotify?

The answer is yes: anyone can buy plays for their tracks on Spotify. A play is a user’s listening to a particular music track: more plays you’ll have, more people will listen to your songs. 

Nowadays, in order to achieve a certain popularity within the music industry, you must use all that digital solutions and strategies that many artists use to become famous. You have to take charge and be the main promoter of your art, believe in your abilities and invest in your work. 

As they say: you have to be your own first, and most important, fan. If not, you risk to ruin your project and never see the light at the end of the tunnel. If your content does not receive the desired appreciation, you may decide to give up and fall into a negative loop. 

Undoubtedly, in order to get noticed on Spotify, you need to increase your audience-this way you will automatically be an interesting musical personality for other users. Buying Spotify plays is one of the services that allow you to improve your account statistics, reaching numbers you have never seen before. 

However, due to the huge platform’s popularity and the increasing demand for such services, there are a lot of websites that pretend to sell Spotify plays. You have to try to stay away from all those businesses that try to sell you BOTs or fake profiles: all the results you’ll get through these methods will disappear in no time and, you might even lose your account. 

In fact, Spotify often intercepts and blocks all those profiles that use illegal services afterwards. These fake sites steal your personal information, either to sell it back to companies or to set up real scams. Unfortunately, many people play with artists’ dreams to make their way on Spotify and take advantage of the situation, without giving their customers any kind of guarantee. 

This is exactly why, although it is possible to buy Spotify plays and there are many companies offering this service, you should rely only on professionals who satisfy your needs and help you buy Spotify plays real. 

How to buy Spotify plays

It is actually quite easy to buy plays on Spotify: the most complicated part is usually finding a reliable company that offers this type of service. Usually it is enough to do a quick research on Google and dozens of them come up; then it would be clever to verify its reliability reading people’s feedback. Once you have verified, just choose the Spotify package that best suits your needs from those available. 

Most probably you will be asked to include the link to your profile or to one of your tracks to increase its ratings. Obviously, the songs will have to be published within the platform, otherwise the purchase would fail. To publish your music content on Spotify you can use convenient third-party services that, for a modest annual subscription fee, will offer you many useful features for your business. 

To find the link to your Spotify account you just have to: 

  1. Go to the sharing menu of your profile. 
  2. You will find Copy link among the various sharing options available. 

On the other hand, to copy the link of a particular music track, the process is pretty much the same: 

  1. Choose the song 
  2. You will find the sharing menu where Copy Link also pops up. 
  3. Then you have to paste these links into the appropriate form that companies make people fill out during the Spotify plays purchase process. Remember that even one misplaced letter is enough to screw things up. 

Finally, there are two different ways of delivering Spotify plays. The first one is a single purchase: choose the package you wish to buy and it will be delivered just once. 

This means that if you buy 1,000 Spotify plays, they will be delivered to you a single time, usually after a few hours from the payment confirmation. On the other hand, the second is more like a subscription: with one of the companies that offer these social network services you subscribe to an ongoing, repeated purchase whereby, for example, with each new song posted you would automatically be credited with 1000 Spotify plays. 

Obviously this second option is the most recommended, as it allows you to apply organic and equal growth to all the music tracks in your account, but at the same time it also proves to be more expensive. This is because a subscription has to be carried on for a certain period of time, whereas a single package runs out of steam with itself. 


Buy monthly Spotify plays

Let’s analyze better this second mode of buying Spotify plays. We have already mentioned that it is a true subscription, and is therefore supported by repeated purchases over time and payments with fixed deadlines. The company will probably ask you to enter your credit card information and ask you to authorize the withdrawal of a given amount on a monthly basis: this is the most common situation. 

Buying monthly Spotify plays is the best solution to give your account the right importance and relevance: you will avoid having super-played tracks and tracks left in the shadows; the subscription can guarantee you that permanent listeners base you will necessarily need to reach the success. 

By buying single packages-unless these are purchased every time you release new songs-your growth on Spotify won’t be organic and well distributed, but will follow more of a hiccupped pace. The benefits will be lower, and you also risk making your listeners suspicious: why does a song have so many more listeners compared to another? 

Does it mean that that is the only high quality content you have? This is what the other users might think. But obviously you don’t want that: you want all your music tracks on Spotify to be equally appreciated and to receive proper gratification from the audience. The only way to achieve this is to buy monthly Spotify plays. 

Buying a kind of regular audience that you can always count on, which also acts as a word of mouth for other users who may find your songs on the main page among the recommended ones. This is a significant strategic move, since – you know – crowds call other crowds, so you open a kind of chain that will make you more and more successful. 

Even on Spotify, numbers are important for other users to evaluate the quality of a song they haven’t listened to yet  through its success among other people: Spotify ratings are an important yardstick that you cannot ignore if you want to break through in this field. 

So if it is possible, we absolutely recommend you to subscribe: at the beginning you might think it is a huge investment, but in the long run you will see that it will pay off with satisfying results. 

Is it possible to buy Us Spotify plays?

Yes, it is possible to buy Us Spotify plays; however, you have to be very careful about the company that you choose. In fact, as mentioned before, scams are always lurking and they might sell you fake Spotify plays, and especially not Us ones. 

This is because the more one tries to target a more specific audience, the more difficult it becomes for the company to deliver plays. It is not impossible to buy american Spotify plays, otherwise we would not have started this paragraph with an affirmative answer, but it is very complicated. 

As always, we suggest that you check out-where possible-the other customers’ feedback on a particular business before choosing it for your Spotify plays. Seek out as much information as possible, find out if the promised results were achieved and delivered over time, or if it was all smoke and mirrors. 

With american listeners, especially in case your music content is in English, you will have the opportunity to approach people who will understand your music more easily, who won’t the problem of language difference, and – for this very reason – could easily convert into your true fans. 

Of course, your content will have to match their expectations; you must create interesting and original music tracks to win them over. The Spotify plays package will give you a little boost, but it is clear that you can’t rely exclusively on it. 

By buying american plays on Spotify you will have listeners who can understand and appreciate your lyrics: although is said that music speak an universal language, not being able to understand the lyrics could be frustrating for many users. 

So, linking back to the question we introduced at the beginning of this paragraph, yes it is possible and extremely useful to buy USA Spotify plays. However, it is more complicated than international packages since companies will struggle more to target the audience. 

That is why many companies sell fake or automated profiles as real Us plays: try to keep as far away as possible from these scams. They won’t benefit you, your wallet, and of course your Spotify account. 

Buy Spotify custom playlist plays: advanatges

Throughout this article we have already mentioned some benefits brought by buying Spotify plays. First of all and most importantly, being able to gain more visibility within the platform, where competitiveness is now really fierce, since it is an almost saturated market. 

It works more or less like this: even artists who produce rather mediocre music content manage to succeed only because of their ability to attract a lot of followers and, consequently, to have many plays. 

An artist’s success on Spotify is not directly related to good, original songs: in fact, quite often is the exact opposite. This is why more and more people find themselves stuck in a kind of swamp, from which they can’t get out, and does not allow them to get new Spotify plays. 

You’re always publishing new tracks, you work hard to edit them and make them perfect, but still the numbers don’t grow. And that’s for one, two, three times. Who hasn’t experienced this situation? 

The most dangerous feature of this limbo is that it could easily discourage artists, leading them to stop publishing their pieces. No! Don’t give up, there is a solution, and that solution is to buy Spotify plays. After all, if you don’t invest in your own success, who do you think will? 

By buying Spotify plays your songs will automatically be played by more people; at this point, the app’s algorithm will recognize them as high quality content, and show them among the recommended tracks to other users which tastes match your style. And the mechanism continues to work, gradually bringing you more and more plays. 

Simultaneously, you will also be more socially reliable: the more people supporting your music, the more your reputation will grow positively. After all, everyone wants to keep up with others, so if an artist is highly appreciated, people certainly won’t want to miss it. 

Last but not least, another advantage of buying Spotify plays is that you can more easily reach the right people, such as talent scouts or record label recruiters, who might decide to offer you a contract and promote your music. Spotify is truly a gold mine for anyone who wants to work and succeed within the music industry, so don’t hesitate any longer: take charge of your art and make it flourish! 


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