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Did you know that Tik Tok is the third most downloaded app, right after Whatsapp and Messenger? You’ve probably seen its viral ads on Facebook, heard about it from your children or grandchildren, or through the news: by now everyone knows about Tik Tok, the social network that boomed during the first quarantine and is currently gaining millions of users worldwide. 

Basically, it is a Chinese social network that revolves around posting short videos, often with viral music tracks. People can post videos, but also edit them, add music or a spoken narration, and post them within the platform. Most of Tik Tok’s content is funny or dances to current music hits. 

Some of the most popular genres are short clips, songs, videos about one’s daily life, and even culinary recipes. As mentioned earlier, this social network was born in China and at the beginning was called Musically. Its new name, Tik Tok, is due to a last year decision and in no time the app gained a huge popularity in the US and Australia. 

 When we talk about gaining popularity, we really mean it: it is estimated that more than five hundred million people are now using Tik Tok: this means that is more popular than Twitter and even Pinterest.  An impressive outcome, we must say. With these numbers, Tik Tok is becoming the marketing platform with the most potential, especially for all those brands that want to reach out to young people. 

In the first quarter of 2019, it was the third most downloaded app on Android and Apple. If you do not have an account in this social network yet and your audience is mostly young people, then this is the best time to sign in. 

Can you buy likes on Tik Tok?

Like most social networks, the success of a content is measured by the number of likes it manages to get. Tik Tok, in particular, works like Instagram: the content is scrolled from the bottom to the top, and to like it you simply make two taps on the screen. Such simple gesture becomes a real mechanical action: it is almost impossible to stop scrolling. 

However, the competition on Tik Tok is more ruthless than ever. No matter how hard people try to post quality content, the algorithm continues to reward those accounts that already have a high level of engagement. This means that new profiles will probably have to put in a lot of time and effort to go viral on Tik Tok. 

Buying Tik Tok likes means that your name could become a reference within this hugely popular app. Tik Tok is becoming more and more popular. Some people see the platform as a unique opportunity to become famous worldwide. 

Going viral on Tik Tok is certainly easier compared to other social networks (such as Instagram), but you should also be aware that this is a common thought among thousands of other people. You may be surprised knowing the actual numbers of people that are buying Tik Tok likes and views, or even followers. If you too want to buy Tik Tok auto likes, you are in the right place. 

Keep in mind that the competitiveness is growing every day and many of your competitors within the platform are already using these strategies in order to overcome the others and finally become famous. The buy Tik Tok likes and views service is very popular among all our services and has proven that it can reach very high quantitative standards. 

We have decided not to ask you for your account password, because our biggest priority is the safety of your account. This personal information could often fall into the wrong hands, putting your profile at risk: it might be hacked or even stolen. However, your Tik Tok profile must be visible to everyone, and thus not set to private mode. 


Buying likes on Tik Tok: advantages

Tik Tok has completely transformed social networks. Millions and millions of teenagers and young adults around the world use it daily and can hardly do without it. Other social networking giants such as Instagram or Facebook are particularly concerned because of this quick growth in popularity. It has more than two thousand million users worldwide and at least nine hundred million active users everyday. 

Instagram has even decided to add a new feature, Instagram Reels, to try to compete with this social netowrk. Everyone can become famous on Tik Tok: or at least that’s what the platform wants people to believe. 

It is actually rather easy to achieve that fifteen minutes of popularity that Andy Warhol used to talk about, but is it possible to mantain that success? How can you make your dream of popularity come true without followers or without  large number of likes on your videos? We know that people care a lot about numbers, because they allow us to quantify the success of a content on social networks. 

It is not very tempting to waste time watching and interacting with profiles that have neither likes nor followers. Buying Tik Tok followers and likes allows you to have a considerable advantage over your competitors without letting other users know that you are using this trick. Thanks to a greater visibility within this social network you could not only increase exponentially the sales of your products, but you can also increase your brand’s awareness worldwide. 

You will find new customers and new people to deal with. Use the social networks’ data to understand which products are the most loved and which, instead, struggle to grow. This is an excellent method to guide your future choices towards the right path. Increasing the number of likes Tik Tok is useful to create a solid image of your business, or your figure, and engage millions of active users. 

This popularity could be the starting point for your career as an influencer and for your online business. The most liked videos appear in the trends of the app: this means that once you reach a certain visibility, it can only grow. 

Having a higher online credibility will also allow you to create a digital community and win over your competitors. Thanks to our service, you can buy Tik Tok followers and likes of the highest quality. This means that your content will be seen by real and active users. 

How to buy likes on Tik Tok

Would you like to promote your Tik Tok profile by Tik Tok buying likes and make it visible and viral around the world? Then you are in the right place, especially because buying these packages is very simple. If you are ready to give a real twist to your image within this social network, we recommend you to try one of our best-selling services, which allows you to get likes in this platform. 

All you have to do is follow these steps: first of all choose the amount of likes you want to buy. If you’re not very sure, or don’t feel ready for a big investment, you can always start with smaller packages. It will be a great way to test our service and understand if it matches your marketing goals. Add the chosen package to the cart and proceed to conclude the purchase. 

You will be asked to fill out a very short form with your personal data, such as your name, phone number and email address. You will also need to copy and paste the link of your video into the proper field. To copy the link of a Tik Tok video, just use the various sharing modes that you find inside the platform: among these you will also see the entry Copy URL. 

As always, we recommend that you pay a lot of attention when you paste it, since even a single letter out of place could have your Tik Tok likes delivered to another video. This is because links are formed by a combination of numbers and letters randomly assigned by the platform algorithm. Check it at least twice, to avoid any kind of mistake. 

Conclude the payment process: you can use your credit cards or your PayPal account. Once the payment is confirmed by our systems, the package will automatically be activated and you will start seeing the first results. Tik Tok is one of the most downloaded apps of the last years, it has thousands of millions of downloads in the app store. 

If you want to get more views and likes in your videos and go viral there are some tips you could follow. These are the famous tricks of the trade that famous people use, but that nobody reveals to you. Using these little tricks could make buying your Tik Tok likes package even more profitable. 

First of all, we advise you to buy a high quality smartphone. It may seem an obvious advice, but the latest phones have cameras that can compete with real professional cameras. High quality videos with excellent resolution, are definitely more attractive. So we recommend that you work hard and always improve your skills, so that you become a five-star director! 

Secondly, you should add hashtags to your videos: use the most trending hashtags to get more views and more exposure. You have to look attractive, whatever you post must be original and interesting. To ensure that the end result is appealing, we recommend you to take your time when you create and edit your videos. 

Shoot more than one video, so you can choose the best one: don’t stop at a single shot. Next, cut the downtime and all those parts that are not interesting. Always remember that users decide after the first few seconds whether a Tik Tok video deserves their attention: otherwise, they will scroll ahead and forget about you. So focus on creating a striking intro: for example, you can introduce a question that you will answer later. 

Another way to get Tik Tok videos to reach even more people is to share the link in other social networks. For example, you can share it into your Instagram profile: just out of curiosity, people will want to see what you post. Last but not least, you have to choose a niche in which you can fit in and stay inside, at least at the beginning. It will be much easier to choose the style of your content and communicate better with your audience. 

Do you still have doubts about Tik Tok and how it works?

First of all this social network has a very powerful and valuable video editor. His philosophy is based on shared videos by his users. Undoubtedly this is a winning format, since Tik Tok is growing more and more everyday. We would like to point out that everyday, about eight hundred million people is using it. 

Eight hundred million means almost the entire European population: huge numbers if we consider the effective reach of all other online marketing strategies. This means that you could exponentially increase your brand’s awareness or your social image by simply posting a well-made video that could go viral. 

On its explore page you can find videos of users that have gone viral, and that match your tastes, regardless of whether you follow them or not. Instagram, on the other hand, in the news section, allows you to see only the users you already know and follow: a much more limited process than Tik Tok. So, what are you waiting for? 

This investment could really change your online and offline life. We guarantee you security from the start, respecting your privacy and your safety. Buying Tik Tok  likes for us will be a positive and simple experience, because we believe that everyone can succeed in this social network. 

Did you know that the famous Charlie D’Amelio, when she started her career on Tik Tok, bought likes for an initial push? And look at her now…  

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