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YouTube is the second most used website worldwide, Google is first, and bought YouTube about a year after its foundation. In the beginning, YouTube was used as a platform to share short videos with friends and family: as a matter of fact, at the beginning of the 2000s, uploading videos on the network was extremely slow and complicated. 

But no one expected that this platform would forever change the way we think. YouTube is now considered television 2.0: it’s a huge and constantly evolving content warehouse. It is estimated that every minute about 300 hours of video are published on YouTube. 

Thousands of millions of active users every day, connecting from all over the world, use this resource for entertainment, information or to spread a message. More and more people want to be part of YouTube’s popularity and publish their own content. 

Actually, it’s not only about people, but also about real companies. A platform of such social extension is an amazing marketing tool. What’s the problem then? The problem is the growing competitiveness: more and more users sign up, publish their content, and find themselves in the shadows. 

No matter how much time or effort they invest, they fail to move forward. YouTube’s algorithm, in fact, tends to reward those videos or channels that have already gathered a certain following. So it tends to suggest videos with a high number of likes and shares, instead of new channels that don’t have a certain popularity. 

Can you buy shares on YouTube?

To solve this problem and make your YouTube channel shine on the platform even if you don’t have any background, you can use a small shortcut. This shortcut essentially consists in buying YouTube shares. 

This is a completely safe procedure, which is not only useful to give your channel a boost, but is actually used by a lot of Youtubers already. Since they don’t explicitly confess it, you might think that they earned all their success. 

In some cases this is the reality, but in most situations, at least once these influencers have turned to these methods to increase their notoriety. Buying YouTube shares is – conceptually speaking – the same as investing in a marketing campaign, only instead of wasting money on ads that might not be seen, you’ll be paying directly for the final result: increased popularity within the platform. 

Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to compete with those YouTube channels that have started their activity years ago and have a really high engagement rate. As we’ve already seen, YouTube’s algorithm tends to enhance those contents that have already managed to gain a certain kind of following, not only by showing them first in search results, but also by including them in the Suggested category (which appears when you’re viewing a video of similar content). 

So, there’s a lot of benefits in buying YouTube shares, considering that they can help you get noticed by the algorithm. Since many years, we offer the possibility to improve your performance within social networks with customized packages, not only for YouTube, but also for Instagram, Facebook and Tik Tok. 

However, YouTube is one of the most requested services, since it’s a growing tool used by both companies and influencers. Buying YouTube shares is lifesaving for many people: often you try for months to expand your audience, working hard day and night, but still the results don’t come. 

You should know that in this case is not your or your content’s fault, but it’s all beacuse the algorithm must try to skim such a wide range of material. However, you should always pay close attention to the company that provides YouTube shares: given the increasing demand for this type of service, there are a lot of fake companies that sell fake shares. 

These will only damage your channel, instead of improving it: for this reason we suggest you to rely on real professionals. We always try to guarantee you the best quality service. 



How to buy YouTube shares

Actually, buying YouTube shares is as simple as making any other online purchase. We have deliberately designed our platform in a simple and essential way, so that anyone can buy our packages. 

You don’t need to have any special computer skills to start your YouTube channel, but you should know at least the basics of video editing. While this strategy can be very useful for growing your channel, it doesn’t mean you should stop publishing quality content. 

Since the platform mainly focuses on the visual aspect (including content, but first of all visual), you’ll have to make sure to shoot high quality, defined and nice colored videos, with studied shots and nice layouts. 

Otherwise, people may judge your content as as sloppy, cheesy, and not worthy of attention. Furthermore, on YouTube, you can really say that people judge the book by its cover: in this case by the cover of the video, which is a user’s first contact with your content. 

Your content has to be convincing, not casual: we suggest you to have a look at your main competitors’ style in order to understand which communication mechanisms work and which ones have to be improved. To buy YouTube shares, first of all you have to own a channel. 

Creating an account on YouTube is completely free, it takes just a few minutes, and can be done even through your Google account. Once you have chosen the name, the description and have uploaded the main images (the same rule of aestheticism is applied here as well), you will have to publish at least one video where to credit the purchased shares. 

To publish a video all you have to do is press the Upload Video button, select the video from your computer files (or your smartphone), give it a name and a description and set privacy to public mode (otherwise other users will not be able to see it and at the same time you won’t get the purchased shares). 

Then copy the link of that video and choose on our website the package that best suits your marketing goals. Once you have selected the number of YouTube shares to buy, you can proceed with the purchase. We will ask you to enter some of your personal information in order to verify the purchase, such as your name, your surname and your email address. 

We have chosen not to ask you for the password of your YouTube channel, as many other companies do, because it seems tacky, as well as dangerous. Finish by entering the link of the video where the YouTube shares must be credited, proceed to payment with the method you prefer, and wait for the order confirmation. 

Once the order has been confirmed, YouTube shares will be automatically credited to the selected video. You won’t have to do anything else but enjoying the popularity you’ve been craving for so long. 

Buying YouTube shares benefits

Buying YouTube shares could be a smart move if you want to grow your channel quickly and safely. There are many advantages in buying YouTube shares. One in particular, without a doubt: by consistently increasing your video shares, it could easily end up in YouTube trends and thus organically increase the visits and your video and channel visibility. 

This is a kind of ripple effect, as we have already seen. YouTube currently has about twenty thousand million of visits per month and the average session duration is just under forty minutes, so it’s easy to understand the importance of being immediately appealing to the users as soon as you post a new video. 

If you’re not already popular in the platform, you can improve your account by purchasing YouTube shares. If you want to increase YouTube shares of your video for free, then you’ll have to work hard and invest a lot of time and effort in the process. 

On the other hand, buying one of our packages, it will help you save precious time to invest on other fronts. Undoubtedly, if you do it right, it will bring many benefits to both visits and it will also improve the user experience and give you many opportunities to highlight your content. 

With its large number of users, YouTube is one of the main platforms in the world to reach a large audience, whether it’s to share cooking recipes, music videos, or corporate promotion videos. In short, the platform has great potential. 

In the net you can find services that allow you to improve your YouTube channel, but very often they use not very sophisticated techniques and they make you run the risk of being blocked by the platform. As a matter of fact, over the years YouTube has developed a specific skill in detecting fake shares and immediately removes them or even blocks the channel that uses them. 

That’s why you need to rely on serious companies that can prove the source of YouTube shares, just like we do. From the moment your order is confirmed, our YouTube shares package will start being delivered immediately, which means you won’t have to wait long for the results to start coming in. 

In addition, we always try to provide you with the best quality price ratio in the market. Included in each of our packages there’s a 24/7  customer service. Here you can receive all the support you need to complete your purchase in the best way possible, and to solve any doubts or problems you might have. 

How to increase YouTube shares

There are some other small techniques you can use to quickly and easily increase YouTube shares. First of all remember that the best way to grow organically within social networks is to specialize in a particular niche. For example, don’t limit yourself creating a cooking channel: it’s a really wide topic. 

Start with a vegan, or gluten-free cooking channel instead. This will increase the chances of your videos being recommended in the sidebar of your own videos – which will get you more shares. Another good strategy is to explicitly (always nicely) ask your viewers to share your content with friends or family. 

You could do this verbally, as an introduction to the video, you could also repeat it in the description, or add a small banner at certain points in the narrative. You’ll see that if they are impressed by your message and especially by the quality of your content, they won’t hesitate to share it. 

One of the biggest mistakes new Youtubers most often make is creating self-centered videos, such as what kind of camera they use. However, these topics are not relevant unless you already have a following of subscribers to support you. It would be better to start with topics that have high search rankings. 

For example, people may not care about the type of camera you use, but they may be looking advices on cameras or other similar tools. Another very useful tip for increasing YouTube shares is to promote your content on your main social profiles, such as Twitter, Instagram or Facebook: this way, more people will be able to view it and probably share it. 

All strategies that allow you to advertise your YouTube videos are more than welcome. Even the cover of the video, and its title, as we have seen, are very important to determine the popularity or not of a content: don’t consider them as marginal aspects, but take care of every little detail related to your channel. 

The devil’s in the details, they say, and here is more than appropriate to use it. Another clever trick is to include end screens at the end of your videos. These are thumbnails of your other videos that you can add at the end of the video, and when clicked, they start playing more of your content. 

You can use them to suggest other YouTube videos and playlists, so that people won’t have to look for insights in other channels. Basically, there are many methods to increase YouTube shares: the most useful one is definitely to buy one of our packages. What are you waiting for? Start climbing the popularity heights! 

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